Pyramids are found on all continents, as well as Mars and the moon, and likely other planets as well?
What, is their purpose? The word, from Greek, means ‘fire or energy’ (pyr), ‘within'(amid).
Thoth, son of the last Priest-King of Atlantis, who was mentored by a non physical being during the
end times of Atlantis, came to the land of the ‘Khem’, ancient Egypt after the sinking of Atlantis and
the great flood that ensued. There they treated him as a god simply because he understood
that matter is simply a densification of energy and that the mind is energy and it can influence energy,
and therefore, also matter. He built the great pyramid- the pyramids, contrary to common Western ‘scientific’
teachings, are not tombs. There are no mummies of pharoahs within, and there are no inscriptions on or within
these edifices exclaiming a name, Khufu or otherwise. (All the kings/pharoahs are buried on the western side of the Nile, in the Valley of the Kings, on the side where the sun sets).

Thoth, in his book, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantian, tells us he built the pyramid as a energy transducing device, where he could rejuvenate his body, and this he did hundreds of times, extending his life thousands of years. The so called ‘sarcofogus’, is not that- there was no lid within the room, and the halls leading to the room were too narrow to allow either the ‘sarcofogus or a lid to
it. And therein gives you the purpose for the pyramid: it was built around the ‘sarcofugus’, which was in actuality
simply a positioning device. It was not any different than the cradle you lay in when you have and MRI or Cat scan today- they are
simply positioning devices, so that the energy enters the body in a specific manner. And so it was in the great pyramid-
the stone positioning device allowed Thoth to position himself precisely within the pyramid so as for the energy collected to enter,
most likely the pineal gland in the head to rejuventate him 10 fold for time spent.

And what do we know of the Bosnian pyramid, which is larger, taller, older and even more accurately aligned to North pole than
the Egytian one. The great pyramid of Egypt is aligned accurately to within less than 1 degree of true north; The Bosnian one, to within
zero degrees, zero minutes, and 12 seconds of absolute true north, and both are incomprehensibly accurate megalithic accomplishments,
but the Bosnian one is mind-bogglingly so.