Stephen Spyrison has been speaking at various paranormal, spiritual and metaphysical conferences and groups and seminars for over 10 years.

His various messages cover a range of topics: communicating about Mary Magdalen and her connection to Isis & divine feminine, Crop Circles, the Bible Code, Indigenous prophecies of 2012 and beyond, Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria and Inner Earth.

He also shares about the legacies of Tesla, Rife and other scientists and healers. He continuously pursues an interest in Ancient cultures (specifically Egypt, Summeria & Indigenous cultures), off planet/stars intelligent life forms, mythology (AKA stories of our past history) and paranormal activity.

Stephen is a practicing dentist who believes we exist at a pivotal moment in the history of the earth/Gaia where we have the opportunity to dream, intend and follow a path to an enlightened, compassionate and peaceful future. He’s glad to share information from a variety of sources — from crop circles to sources beyond and within this earth, our past civilizations, our elders, spiritual leaders, shamans, and other various channels.

Stephen is the author of In God’s Grace:  A Spiritual Renaissance (true messages originally intended for us before religion altered them), and Daughter of the Frost: Path of the Servant-Master (a past life experience blueprint for how we should be living now and in the future of unrepressed freedom and joy and pursuit of our passions). Stephen has B.A in Zoology, Miami Univ of Oxford, Ohio and DDS Univ of Ill, is a practicing dentist in Illinois, and is Reiki III master.


Stephen has an inherent interest in Ancient cultures, especially Egypt, Summeria, Indigenous, and actively pursues information and findings about off-planet/stars intelligent life forms. He tracks mythology — especially stories of our past history and paranormal activities and experiences.

In his free time he enjoys hiking, biking, and being in nature with all life forms.