Does Machu Pichu date back to a thousand years ago?  When you visit Machu Pichu and the mega lithic sites around Cusco, we are told by Western Archeologists that much of this dates back a thousand years. But it looks far older.  Willaru, Incan Shaman, states that when the Inca  arrived there a thousand years, it was already


Mu is the most ancient of the Mu, Lemuria (‘Of or from Mu’) and Atlantian civilizations. Mu is believed to have been a huge continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and of which its central mountains and volcanoes are now what we know as the Hawaian Islands. All 3 of these cultures were the same, peacfeul,


ATLANTIS LEMURIA AND MU ARE OUR INTERMEDIATE PAST HISTORY: INTELLIGENT HUMAN LIFE HAS BEEN ON EARTH LIKELY A MILLION PLUS YEARS Before we can talk about Atlantis and the predecessor Pacific civilizations of Lemuria and Mu, it should be emphasized that this is our intermediate past human history, from 600-800,000 years ago up to 10


The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantian The connection of Atlantis to Egypt The book The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantian, is a first hand account of Thoth, the prince/ son of the Atlantian Priest-King Thotmes during the final days of Atlantis. It tells of his lliving on a walled island separate from the mainland Atlantis, where the scientists live


How did Socrates and Plato learn of Atlantis? The story behind the story. One hundred years before the time of Socrates, the elder teacher/philosopher and his young student Plato, a great poet and statesman, Solon had lived.  During his time the city-state was having economic problems and Solon became the architect behind  a plan for economic reform that was