Does Machu Pichu date back to a thousand years ago? 

When you visit Machu Pichu and the mega lithic sites around Cusco, we are told by Western Archeologists that much of this dates back a thousand years. But it looks far older.  Willaru, Incan Shaman, states that when the Inca  arrived there a thousand years, it was already there, and they had no idea who had built it.  It was believed to be a training area for a priestess cult,  of a far distant past.  Stonehenge and the Sphinx and pyramids of Egypt  likely also date much further back than what Western scientists claim.

Ica Stones
In the town of Ica, Peru, Dr Carera’s former office holds thousands of smooth black rocks with etchings on them that seem unexplainable- they were given to him for  payments a hundred years ago, and depict humans using telescopes, humans intereacting  and sometimes domesticating accurate images of dinosaurs, and even heart transplant  operations.  How old are they?  The Peruvian shamans call this part of the akashic records of earth humans.

Ica_stones shelves

ica stones dinosaur

ica stone telescope


Elongated skulls in Ica Museum.
Also in Ica, there is a museum with elongated human skulls.  Western  archeologists claim this is a result of intentional binding to create the elongation effect.  But the skull  size is larger than normal, not compressed.  The shamans say these skulls are of  and off planet race of a priest classs that came here.

Across the ocean, Queen Nefrititi and her husband Pharoah Akhenaten, also had elongated skulls.  Prior to Nefrititi and Akhenaten, there seems to be no evidence of elongated skulls.  And the trait was passed along to their daughters.

ica elongated skulls