easter is statues

Mu is the most ancient of the Mu, Lemuria (‘Of or from Mu’) and Atlantian civilizations. Mu is believed to have been a huge continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and of which its central mountains and volcanoes are now what we know as the Hawaian Islands. All 3 of these cultures were the same, peacfeul, idyllic, simple agriculture, fishing, built temples and had  now religion but honored all life and the creation (feminine principle) of life.  They had few if any violent conflicts or wars, until the end times of Atlantis. And is noteworthy to mention that when most of think of Atlantis we automatically  associate Atlantis with its materialistic and militaristic end times.  But for the vast majority  of its extistence it too was peaceful and near utopian with harnessed energy, ability to travel around the world,  excellent health and long life spans.

When Mu, the Mother Continent, did end in cataclysm after many hundreds of thousands of years- perhaps close to a half million, a small percentage of the refugees were able to escape to islands along the perifery of the Pacific rim. On one of these, Easter Island, the native people, Rapa Nui, tell us the statues were dedicated to and in honor of their lost mainland, Mu. Often facing the ocean along the coast with eyes upward in memory of their star relatives also. These statues, that we have only discovered recently are not 10-15 feet high of the head and chest, but  are often 40-70 foot tall full body statues, that were NOT buried, but were silted in over vast geological periods of time.

easter is el gigante stone, largest

easter 2