Inner Earth and Admiral Byrd


We are surrounded by sentient beings on so many levels. Star relatives visit us from their home stars, elementals exist all around us as interdimensional beings- the faeries, elves, sasquatch and such. Intelligent life at the bottom of oceans, and within our earth underground, called Agartha, Shamabala, Shangri-La to mention a few names. These have access points under Mt. Shasta and in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, and at the North and South Poles.

Admiral Byrd, according to his ‘Secret Diary’ encountered both the north and south pole access points.
His first expedition to the Antartic was in 1928. Then a second one in 1936-7 funded by Rockefeller. During this 2nd
south pole expedition, not much has been revealed other than he claimed to have had 2 hours of missing time, a comment
commonly associated with bona-fide UFO contact. The following year the Germans led the Neuschwabanland Expedition and were eager
to have Adm. Byrd join, but Byrd had to decline due to the increasing political tensions prior to WWII. The Germans went,
left markers there and suddently abandoned their expediditon leaving 4 months early. They planned to return the following year
but were unable due to WWII.

Immediately after WWII, in 1946-47 The US lauched Project Highjump, to the Antartic. Adm. Byrd had been contacted by the Germans following their expedition and communicated certain information to him. This mission was also claimed to be a ‘peaceful, scientific’ expedition. However there were several months of top secret training immediately prior for the crew. The expeidition consisted of 1 aircraft carrier, with a 100 of the latest military fighter planes, helicopter, 1 submarine, a destroyer and several other support crafts. They planned to arrive early December, but were slightly delayed. According to documents from declassified US military and Soviet military files, all went as planned for the first several weeks, photographhic flights were made. Now both the Germans and the US encountered a huge 200 square mile warm, fresh water lake with green vegetation. Shortly after this, the US planes started encountering UFO craft. The UFO’s only observed the US aircraft, but came close to both the planes and the ships. At some point, US fighters were authorized to open fire on the UFO’s if they approached too close. For several days, the US fighters shot at, though they never damaged the UFO’s. The UFO’s did not return fire during the first several days, but after that, they did respond.

In order to properly put this into perspective, one must mention that during WWII, the highest percentage of aircraft ever lost on
a bombing raid was 22%. Usually loses were under 5%. During the next several days of engagment with the UFO’s
the expedition lost over half of its aircraft, one ship was sunk and most of the others were partially or severly damaged.
and they called an immediate halt to the expedition. Unable to return to home port in California directly, they limped to Santiago Chile for repairs needed to enable them to return. Upon their return the expdition was classified, and all of Admiral Byrds military diaries were also classified. According to wikipedia or google, they will describe the mission as suddenly halted due to a not specified emergency or to severe weather conditions.

All the preceeding is historical or available through declassified military documents. The following is from Admiral Byrds “Secret Diary’, which takes place in March 1947. At that time he was in Alaska doing a routine flight, after a few hours the crew noticed
green below, with some large wildlife. A UFO came alongside, informed them they would be guided down, and landed shortly after.
Admiral Byrd and one other crew member was taken into a Cyrstalline City, they were greeted with respect and informed that
although the people of Inner Earth rarely interfered with life on the surface, that since the detonation of 2 atomic weapons
on Japan, they felt compelled to act. They requested that Adm Byrd council the president of the United States to help broker a world agreement to ban nuclear weapons for the sake of the future of mankind. They said, do you disagree that manh of the world leaders on the surface would rather turn the earth into ash rather than reliquish power as they know it. Admiral Byrd could not disagree with the statement, but reminded the Inner Earth people that he could not tell the president of the United States what to do, nor any other world leader. But he would try.

They were then escorted back to the surface and returned otherwise uneventfully to their base. It is historical fact, that Admiral Byrd did indeed indicate to the news media that people need to be aware that there is intielligent life with flying aircraft at both the north and south poles that we need to be concerned about. It is also historical fact that he had a closed door session with the president and white house cabinet along with representatives from the Pentagon. According to his diary, Adm Byrd indicated that the result of this meeting, was that he was thanked for his diligent service to his country and that for the sake of humanity he was ordered not to disclose any of this information to the public.


Ten years later, 1957, in a 2nd Operation Highjump, at the height of the cold war with the Soviet Union, the US and the Soviet Union flew a joint, cooperative mission to the South Pole and each dropped a nuclear bomb in the vicinity where the warm fresh water lake had been discovered. Admiral Byrd, passed later that same year. Note that several years later, 1951, a movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, was based on the identical premise: beings from another world requested that all leaders gather together to agree not to use nuclear weapons. The result? We shot and killed the representative who made the request. Also, during the Eisenhower administration, Thor and another individual claiming to be from Venus, spent much time at the white house, making similar requests of the president. President Eisenhower, did indeed make a statement warning the world of the pressures from the military industrial compex to engage in continual war.