Our modern electrical system was created by Nicola Tesla.  We may pay our electric bills to Commonwealth Edison, but AC, 120 volts and, 60 cps- the modern eletrical formula was entirely crafted by Tesla.  And everything that our modern electrical system is not, was being promoted by Edison at that time: that is DC electricty which can only light bulbs and a do a few other things and cannot be transported over long distances.
Tesla also was working on free, wireless electricity as a to gift humanity, and received research support from JP Morgan until Morgan realized that Tesla’s intention was wireless, and so could not be metered or sold as a product and shifted his support to Edison.
It woudl be nearly impossible to concieve of all the ramifications of wireless, polution-free,  free energy that would power everything — cars, trucks, planes, ships, homes, commerces….   EVERYTHING that requires power would be able to use his technology.
No need to dig stuff out of the earth: oil, coal, uranium, burn trees, dam rivers.  No pollution, no damage to the earth, no dangerous fossil fuel industries, or damged ecosytems from rivers that are dammed.
Russia may be working on a modern day Tesla energy system.