Dr. Rife

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, the Biology of Belief, and there are many non pharmaceutical methods to assist us,from Chineese accupunture to herbal to shamanic and many other forms that do not rely on rely on pharmaceutical drugs. But there are individuals who have found cures using frequency and natural biologics also. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife is only one, but here is his story if you have not heard.healing alex grey

Graduated from  Johns Hopkins University in biology, and continued there worked as a research scientist.  He probably had the most advanced biological research facility in the world because he had the ability design and build his own research equipment. In 1929 he completed his Universal LIght microsope that magnified 60,000x, and was the first person to photgraph a live virus, through the use of light phase contrast instead of dyes.

rife_working_the_rife_machine_1936He later conceived of the ability to kill a spicific microorganism through the use of freuquncy.
He identified thousands of frquencies that would disrupt the cell membrane of one specific organism.  Think of the commercial ‘ is it live or is it memorex’ with Ella Fitzgerald who would shatter a glass with a specific freqency or pitch of her voice.

He attracted many medical supporters as he began to demonstrate the ability to cure disease with this frequency generating equipment and was feated in 1931– byt the Milton Johnson, president of the Southern California AMA as the man who would end all human disease, with 45 other top physicians from around the country in attendance.
royal-rifeA few years later a clinical trial was set up to formalize the proof of the effectiveness of his cures at the Scripps ranch.  16 cancer patients who had been determined to be terminal and that exisiting medical care could do nothing more for.  They were not all expected to survive even the 6o days of the experiment. Within the  60 days, he cured 12 of patients, as confirmed by outside physicians.  The remaining 4 took another 30 days of intensified treatments and were also cured.

Following this success, he and his supporters were systematically supressed or bribed into silence.

So here was the person who had discovered the ability to cure almost every know disease was silenced. And others who with herbal and other cures had similar suppression.

Medicine is a unfortunately treated as business, and illness is its  profit center.  Not to cure, but to treat with pharmaceuticals for life.