The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantian
The connection of Atlantis to Egypt
The book The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantian, is a first hand account of Thoth, the prince/ son of the Atlantian Priest-King Thotmes during the final days of Atlantis. It tells of his lliving on a walled island separate from the mainland Atlantis, where the scientists live on one half of the island and are walled off from the other half where the priests live. The entire island is walled, and no one is allowed onto the island or from one half to the other without written invitation. Thoth tells of being mentored by a non -physical entity who teaches him of magic, and writing.  At the time of the final
catalysm of Atlantis, a few of the priests from the island have just enough time to flee to other parts of the world and become infulential to Summeria, Inca, Maya, Celtic, Hopi, Egypt and Tibet.  Thoth travels to the land of the Khem, Egypt who worship him as a god only because he understood the laws of the universe:  that matter is a dense form of  energy and vibration, and that energy can be influenced by thought.
There he builds, not Kufu, the great pyramid as an energy transducing device:  (pyramid, greek for ‘pyr’- fire or energy and ‘amid’- within).  It is designed to keep hiim rejuvenated for long periods of time.  What we describe as a coffin, Thoth tells is simply a positioning device to place him in the precise needed postion to receive the energies focused by the pyramid to rejuvenate his body, which he repeated hundreds of times.
Thoth probably wrote or co wrote the Egyptian Book of the Dead and went on to tutor Isis also in magic and writing.  Hermes/ Hermes Trismigistos (Hermes the thrice-born)  is a later incarnation of Thoth, and who becomes the messenger of the Greek gods.  Hermes would then write the Hermetica, the wisdom of Hermes.
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth is an excellent, if not easy, book for those who quest for links to origens of Atlantis and Egypt.