UFO Studies


If you or I went to a conference on Astronomy to learn about the stars and the universe, and if we were to speak of ET’s, UFO’s and life on other planets:  they would rebuff or ignore us.  If we were a speaker at that conference we would then be blacklisted and never invited back again.   This is not so among all the indigenous and many others around the world.  Indigenous refer to their star relatives as family, with whom they have deep revernce and respect for and remain in contact with.  And the stars they refer to, Sirius, Vega, Lyra, Arcturus, Pleiades, in a galaxy that is on the the scale of 10,000 light years by 100,000 ly- just happen to be almost all less than 36 ly away.  That is, we are all very much in the same galactic neighborhood.  The Pleiades are 450 ly, which is still relatively ‘close’ in galactic terms.

No matter how you do the calculations of probability of life, and then of intelligent life and life that is evolved  as high or higher than ours, it is, as Carl Sagan said, highly improbable that such advanced life does not exist. They have been invovled in our evolution and history for longer than we can imagine and many people on earht believe that they are deeply concerned about our present day issues and our future.  They are family who cannot intervene or interfere, but wish us well, and are here to gently assist us through a time of great change and transformation.

They are our star relations….. We share their DNA.

Sgt James Penniston: Summary of 1980 USAF/RAF UFO incident at Rendelsham Forest, England.

Sgt James Penniston Update on binary code message from Rendelsham UFO incident