Mary Madelene & Isis


The stories of the goddess Isis and Mary M are nearly identical, Isis married the god Osiris
who was her brother, Mary M married a spiritual brother, Yeshua.  Both men were murdered
due to jealousy, and resurected, with the wives playing an integral role in the resurection,
and according to Mary M mythology, a child was born to each  after that:

Horus to Isis, and Sarah to Mary M. Millenia later, Solomon, son of King David, is unexpectedly offered the throne on his fathers deathbed. Solomon, completely unprepared for this, immediately traveled to Egypt to consult an oracle to seek a favor. God granted his wish, and asked Solomon what it was that he wanted.  Solomon replied that he sought the wisdom  to lead his people well.  God responded that many would have asked for fame, wealth or long life, but that Solomon had not.  So God granted that which Solomon asked, and what he did not ask for:  wisdom, and also  fame, wealth and long life.

But Solomon also brought back more than that, he brought back some of the Egyptian culture of their gods. After he built the Temple of Solomon to house the Ark of the Covenant, the  Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia) arrived to  see the Temple and, also, the wise Solomon.  We have  long been told by bibical ‘scholars’ that the Song of Songs, originally called the Songs of Solomon, are thinly veiled love poetry that the king wrote to woe the Queen of Sheba while she visited. The biblical scholars are uniformed:  what Solomon did was to recite  the love poetry, almost verbatim between Isis and her lover/ brother  Osiris. (Re read the Song of Songs.: ‘Thou hast ravaged my heart, my sister, my spouse. Thy lips, oh my spouse, drop as the honeycomb, honey and milk are under my tongue. Thy breast are like 2 young roes that are twins, which feed in the lilies….
Song of Solomon, Chapter 4: 5, 9,11

The Queen of Sheba, returned a year later,  with the true object of her visit: she was carrying the child of Solomon- a son, Menelik ( in Ethiopian, meaning: son of the wise one), who would  go on to return to Judea and tutor under King Solomon and become King of Ethiopia, first of a dynasty of Menliks who led Ehtiopia  well for hundreds of years.  Ethiopia, since the time of Sheba and to this day,  is Jewish, unlike any other country in Africa.  During Israels’ time of need, the Diaspora, Ethiopean priests, according to Ethiopian history, coopereated with the Hebrews in safely removing the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia as Babylon was conquering them.  To this day, Ethiopia is said to house the Ark in the Temple,  in Aksum. When the Queen was asked upon her return if Solomon was as wise as they said, she replied, yes, he is, and I do not know the half of it.

A thousand years later, Mary M would study in the Temple of Ashera/ Isis and become a priestess, so that she was certainly an equal sister  to Yeshua.  Both were of the house of David.  They would marry according to legend, and after the crucifixion, she would travel to the the land south of Paris, France.  Paris is likely derived from Par- Isis = Of Isis, and  would have readily welcomed such a priestess.  She would bring a daughter,Sarah,  and have 2 more sons from Yeshua, before he traveled back later in life to the East and live the remainder of his life in India.   Their children would transfer the Yeshua/ Mary M  bloodline  on to the Meroviginion Dynsaty of France hundreds of years later.