Crop Circle Evolution

Prior to 1990 Crop circles were just that, circles and dots.

cc sri yantra mandala    cc oregon madalacc hindu temple

In 1990, in the oregon desert etched 3 inches deep into hardscrabble desert floor was a perfect sri yantra mandala, which is an ancient part of Hindu culture and forms the basis for most hindu temples. This ‘crop circle’ appeared suddenly in an area frequented by air national guard jets.  After the formation appeared, rains began to appear after many years of draught,  which eventually erased the formation.

cc barbury castle 1991In 1991 the first complex crop- crop circle appeared near barbury Castle, England.  It depicted the simplest of  a 3D geometric formation:  tetrahedron, with a perfect circle, the dharma wheel of life and a degrading orbit circle. One of the lines had a slight bend.

After a few more complex circles appeared, an article on crop circles appeared in Science magazine, which commented on the increasing complexity of crop circles design, ending with a quip, what next, a mandelbrot?  precisely one year to the date of the issue of that magazine, the mandelbrot fractal crop circle appeared.  What is interesting is that this was the first time such a manedelbrot fractal design had ever been created other than on a computer.  A fractal is a diminishing, repeating  pattern.

cc 3d 2 (2)In 1997, one more step in the evolution of crop circles occured with the development of 3D effect.





cc vitruvian man cc human butterfly transformation

On August 7, 2009  ( 7-8-09, in european date designation) in southern Holland the human butterfly  formation appeared, with 77 circles, 76 comprising the wings and 1 circle for the heart. One of the largest  crop circles, nearly 1/3 mile in diameter.  It also referenced the da Vinci Vitruvian man. A seeming reference to the spiritual evolution and transformation of humanity.

The ‘human butterly’ 1600’x 1700′,  appeared in southern Holland on the 7th day, of the 8th month, 2009 (7-8-09),  the largest crip circle up to that date.  It contains 76 circles in the wings, and one in the heart chakra,  for a total of 77 circles  (10×4 in the outer part of the wings, plus 9×4 in the inner part). It appears also to be a refer to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man sketch connecting  humans to nature.  The human butterfly refers more to our spiritual  transformation, that we are currently experiencing.

cc simple circles

cropc triple julia july 30 1996 cc swallows    cc avebury web chilboton dna   12204944_10206990918425732_729331167_n 12202079_10206990917985721_1630299963_n 12188764_10206990917105699_1168564058_n 12200423_10206990917665713_1907234913_n 12207647_10206990916665688_1510225684_n 12202576_10206990915825667_1215021795_n 12204618_10206990914665638_651101607_n 12212174_10206990914825642_739379728_n 12207991_10206990915625662_2043104945_n 12201001_10206990914945645_2065574429_n 12200891_10206990914425632_1896934688_n 12025415_10206990913625612_445900431_n 12207859_10206990912745590_1864516798_n Switzerland Crop Circle 2010