Carl Sagan – Data Strip Response

The 1970’s were a unique time for NASA.  In 1969, the air force officially closed project blue book
ufo investigation due to ‘no credible evidence of ufo’s’.  Then following 3 years of lunar exploration from 1969-1972, NASA seemed to be open to a brief chapter of seriously seeking out contact of life forms beyond our own planet with SETI- Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence.
The Pioneer and both Voyageur spacecraft had information intended to advise other life
forms they might encounter of our existence.  In 1974 Carl Sagan also headed a group that
sent a digitized data strip out to nearby star systems within our galaxy as a radio telescope
transmission from Aricebo, Puerto Rico which was a NASA facility and the worlds largest such telescope at that time.  Acording to NASA, the military, government and media there has never been a response to any of these SETI projects of the 1970’s.

A few years after Carl Sagans death, in 2000 however a complex crop circle appeared immediately opposite England’s largest radio telescope at Chilboton.  The crop circle was facing the facility, but was indiciferable, though an intriguing design.  Precisely one year later to the day, in that field a human face appeared.  It was oriented such that it appeared to be being ‘projected’ TO the Chilboton radio telescope. And it was in a never before seen format-it was in a silk-screen effect, an art technique.  The vest next day, another crop circle was added to the field, also appearing to be ‘projected’ at the chilboton radio telescope facility.  This one appeared to be a  pretty accurate copy of the Carl Sagan 1974 data strip.

cc data strip SETIHowever, when you put the 2 next to each other, there were distince differences- The crop circle seemed to be a response to the Carl Sagan transmitted signal.  The Sagan data strip was stating that we use the decimal system for our mathematics, that the most common elements of life on earth ar carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorus, that the gentic basis of life was the double helix DNA, that humans were about 5’9″ tall, a diagram of our rough proportions of head and appendages to torso, that we live on the 3rd planet from our son and a cross section of the Aricebo radio telescope.  Written in the same codex designed by the Carl Sagan team,  the crop circle stated: same decimal system,same elements as us plus Silicon, that they were a triple helix DNA based life, they were 4 feet tall, 16 billion living on the 3rd, 4th and 5th planets from their sun.   Even more interesting was that the bottom line corresponding to their technology was the crop circle that had been sent the prior year to Chilboton, only in more detail.

My interpretation of the face portion of the crop circle, was that the sender was indicating that they were very aware of ‘ who we are’, biologically, historically and culturally, as they had a used the artisitic silk screen effect to display the human female face. That they were sending this message to a radio telescope could have meant this that they had previously responded to
our Aricebo facility as a radio wave transmission,  even though there has been no such disclosure by the govenrment.

It would have been a very simple effort to do so certainly by such an advanced intelligent being, it would be presumed. The 2000 Chilboton technology crop circle was, to say the least,  far more complex than our radio telescope cross section. One year later, to the day, a 3rd crop circle was found in a different field of an ‘alien face’ with a disc.  Years later it was analyzed and
according to researchers it contained a binary code written in ASCI II computer language, in English. The interpretation was as follows:
Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING.” 

This appears to be a message from a benevolent source.

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